Does my home have storm damage?

Does my Home have Storm Damage? Part 2 – Shingles.mp4

A short segment showing homeowners how hail damages shingles and how to tell if their shingles have been damaged.

Roof damage assessment

Bunkie Louisiana Roof Replacement-Hail Damage Storm

This is a home in Bunkie Louisiana with metal roof damage from the April 2012 hail and wind storm. Take a look at the metal roof and the chimney flashing and you can tell that the hail was close to baseball size to do this much damage. The Bunkie hom…

How to Check your house for storm damage

How To Check Your House For Storm Damage

The first and most obvious parts of your home to check are the roof and gutters, since this area of the house tends to take the full force of a storm's impact. Fortunately for homeowners, most minor storm damage is actually

Publish Date: 08/16/2012 10:31