American Premier Restoration offers emergency response to flood and water damage disasters. Water can have an extremely destructive impact on the structure of a home. Whether your water loss is large or small it is essential to ensure that both obvious and hidden damages are identified correctly to help ensure the safety and integrity of your home. American Premier Restoration serves residential and commercial disaster recovery services across all Chicago and outlying cities.

When it pertains to straightening up water damage, especially when taking care of basement flood damage, it is essential to obtain the water cleaned up as fast as you can. Leaving your basement wet is only inviting more issues to occur. For instance, a wet wall can result in harm to the framing and drywall of your Chicago home. Also, people often don’t understand when water damage effects your subsection. A wet crawlspace can result in mold damage, and a wet carpet can leave a mildewy smell and destroy the floor beneath.

The Chicagoland area chooses American Premier Restoration because we understand that eliminating the water is only half of the issue. Our approach has to do with water damage restoration. This means we properly dry out the entire damaged area. This is the best way to ensure that there is no mold or mildew issues that may occur down the road. If these actions are not performed properly then moisture may be trapped in walls, concrete, carpet fibers, wood and drywall that will eventually turn into mold.

When your property is struck by water damage call for emergency water extraction immediately, one of our specialists will begin on your water damage extraction process ASAP.  American Premier Restoration only hires top notch technicians with several years of experience. That combined with our state-of-the-art water damage equipment will ensure the cost will remain low for you.

American Premier Restoration will never take advantage of your misfortune by overbilling. We will get your flood water extracted and dried before it’s too late.  American Premier Restoration has technicians ready to be at your home or business NOW. We offer upfront estimates and phone consultations.

If you notice you have standing water in your basement, its important to give American Premier Restoration a call immediately. We can send a water damage crew to your home immediately, and can be to your Chicago area home in an hour or less. Sometimes, especially if you live in a condo, the source of the water damage might not even come from your own home. You may see bubbles in your ceiling, indicating that you may need wet ceiling drying. We dry out any area of your home, from wet hardwood floor drying, to wet flooded crawl space drying. Give us a call today.